If you think stretching is for sissies - try to match this!

"Extreme Flexibility Secrets of The Chinese Acrobats"

Two young acrobats from China doing outrageous contortions, muscle stretches and flexibility movements that make other stretching routines look lame.

Dear Friend,

I'm still in shock!

Imagine having two of the most incredible acrobats China has ever produced coming by your place to give you a private demonstration of deep muscle stretches and body contortions that blow your mind. Moreover, imagine after they were finished putting themselves through one insane contortion after another, you were able to grill them to find out the secrets to their gumby-like flexibility as well as their cat-like stretching grace.
If you cannot visualize such a show - then take a moment to view the pictures posted along with this message. The first picture you'll see is none other than Liang Yu, a champion Chinese acrobat who has traveled the globe putting on one stunning flexibility performance after another.

In this photo, the stretch she is doing is called a reverse bridge. She begins by lying on her stomach - then putting the soles of her feet on the top of her head. After this, she contorts herself a bit more - putting her buttocks on her head. Don't know about you - but that's a muscle stretch that I call "inhuman." But for Liang and her partner, Zhen Yang (doing the straddle splits stretch with her chest on the floor), it's no big deal. It's all in how you train for extreme flexibility.
Flexiblity is the key to Liang Yu's ability as shown in photo

I would love to get into the long and glorious details of every single stretch we saw these flexible women doing this evening. But the truth is my mind is still trying to comprehend how someone can stretch their limbs the way these women did. When I watched their flexibility routine on video a few minutes ago, I couldn't believe this took place in our home. Zhen Yang doing a straddle split with her chest on the floor

To sit amongst hundreds of spectators for a Chinese acrobatic performance will typically cost you $75 to $100 or more - and those are the cheap seats. They're not front and center - that's for sure. But on the video we filmed, you have a front row seat for life.

Not only that, but when these sensational acrobats finish demonstrating their muscle stretches - they let me ask questions on their flexibility training method. What I wasn't able to understand or speak in Chinese was filled in by my wife, who hails from that neck of the globe.

What they taught me on how they develop their extreme flexibility is something I deeply treasure. I'm certain that those of you who have an interest in stretching will want to know their secrets, too.

Things such as:

  • Why the Chinese acrobats don't believe in using any special breathing technique to increase flexibility.

  • What do they think about "bouncing" when you stretch? Is this a no-no or have we been misled? You're going to be surprised with this one.

  • How long do they hold each stretch position?

  • What sequence of exercises should you do to master the splits in the quickest time humanly possible?

  • How do the acrobats develop such flexible and powerful spines?

  • What is the key thing the acrobats do to get themselves to go deeper in their stretches?

  • How are they able to do handstands so easily?

  • How do they train in order to do one-arm handstands (with a smile)?

  • What is the secret to their flexible and powerful shoulders?

  • And so on.
You can find out the answers to all these questions, and more, by taking advantage of this special limited edition opportunity. We don't plan on keeping this flexibility video on the market forever. And because the nature of this material is EXTREME - this product is not for everyone.

Liang Yu showing off her amazing muscle strength and flexibilty doing a one-arm press
Liang Yu doing a 1-arm press with everything but her right hand off the ground.

I had planned on charging over $200 for this video - but have decided to let the first 97 people who order get it for only $69 plus $6 S&H U.S. ($12 foreign).

Again, this stretching and contortionism video will not be available for long. Those who get it are going to wear the tape out showing it to their friends. It's that good.



P.S. The chances of ever having two top professional Chinese acrobats come to your home and give a private performance/seminar are slim and none and slim just left town. If it weren't for my wife being Chinese and the contacts we have, it would have never happened to us, either. Making it happen again is doubtful - so please realize how special this offer is and take advantage of it right now. This contortion and flexiblity video kicks butt.

Yes, I want to order Extreme Flexibility Secrets of The Chinese Acrobats now!

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